In-class exercise: presentation on college newspapers

Depending on your month of birth, alter the conventional newspaper article’s headline, lead and first paragraph, to make it (more) suitable for publishing in a college newspaper, or vice versa:

Jan/ Feb/ Mar: Alter this story from The New York Times to make it (more) suitable for publishing in The Herring.

How to Kill Germs in the Laundry

  1. How hot does the water have to be to get germs out of domestic laundry?
  2. “It is hard to find standard guidelines on water temperatures for domestic laundry,” said Dr. Alexandra Sowa, an internist at New York­-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides only a vague recommendation: “Hot water washing is not necessary for all household laundry. Read and follow the clothing and soap or detergent label instructions. Wash and dry clothing in the warmest temperature listed on the clothing label.”

But some studies suggest that water does not have to be as hot as often thought to get clothes acceptably clean, Dr. Sowa said. One study, done in Britain and published 12 years ago, showed that washing the very dirty clothes of hospital staff members at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit in a home washing machine was just as effective at killing one type of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) as washing it at a much higher temperature.


Apr/ May/ Jun: Alter this story from Haverford College’s student newspaper The Clerk, to make it (more) suitable for publishing in The New York Times.


Potential Theft at Lunt Cafe Raises Questions of Funding, Accountability

In light of recent conversations about student accountability, many club representatives have had to reevaluate their roles regarding club spending. Now, an improper taking of about $200 at Lunt Cafe– with suspicions of over $1000 more missing – has thrown Students’ Council (SC) and Honor Council to the forefront of this conversation.

During the public portion of the SC meeting on Sunday night, one of Lunt Cafe’s co-managers testified about an incident of potential theft at the student-run cafe – raising concerns that some of Lunt and SC’s policies are defunct. After about forty minutes, SC moved to a confidential process, which lasted over two more hours, making the entire meeting one of the longest in SC’s recent history, the Co-Presidents said.



Jul/ Aug/ Sept: Alter this story from The New York Times to make it (more) suitable for publishing in The Herring.

Gamer’s Death Pushes Risks of Live Streaming Into View

Early on Feb. 19, Brian C. Vigneault was nearing the end of a 24­hour marathon of live streaming himself playing the tank warfare video game World of Tanks when he left his computer to buy a pack of cigarettes. He never returned.

During the break, Mr. Vigneault died in his Virginia Beach, Va., home. The medical examiner’s office in Norfolk, Va., said that Mr. Vigneault’s cause of death had not yet been determined. There was no indication of foul play, according to the police in Virginia Beach.



Oct/ Nov/ Dec: Alter this story from Pitzer College’s student newspaper The Student Life, to make it (more) suitable for publishing in The New York Times.

Lack of Competition, Gender Parity in CMC Executive Board Elections

Eight candidates, all of whom were men, ran for a position in the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College 2017-18 executive board Feb. 23 election. The seven positions on the ballot included ASCMC president and executive vice president.

Co-President of the CMC Women’s Forum Shruti Topudurti CM ’18 attributed the absence of female candidates to lagging interest in ASCMC among the student body as a whole. She discounted the possibility that female students feel unwelcome to run for office.






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